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Site Mangement (Event Mode)

The overlay team will continue to have an intensive involvement during the next two sub-phases: install (construction) and event mode, which together forms Site Management.

Site Management is the coordination of activities involved with the conversion of the legacy or temporary venue site area for its function as a special event venue.

It is also during this phase that the Design Team will transition into operational mode, assisting with managing the event and the Venue Operations Center. Because of the inherent knowledge base of the event of the overlay team, they are the prime resource to assist in support of the operation.

Site Management resultants:

  • Construction and Installation of Overlay Temporary Commodities: during the install, the design team is full-time on-site assisting with the development and refinement of the Operations Plan, adjusting and documenting plan revisions and responding to the needs of late-arriving stakeholders. This coordination includes the integration of all temporary commodity installation vendors, legacy facility resources and communications with the organizing committee venue management staff.
  • Integration of Overlay Temporary Commodities with legacy construction and/or legacy improvements to the existing venue.¬† Of particular emphasis is the coordination and schedule of installations of temporary commodities that pose a risk to schedule, budget or quality standards set forth by the organizing committee policies.
  • Mega multi-venue, multi-day events require daily monitoring of the temporary facilities with respect to their usage, recognition of changing ¬†access/accreditation needs, security adjustments and operational policy refinements that have a physical response requiring changes in hard assets.
  • Full-time presence establishing and operating the Venue Operations Center, coordination of outside resources, liaising with public safety representatives, maintaining benchmark accountability, directing on-site support resources and overall coordination of response teams. Learn more about Venue Operations Centers.

Lastly, the overlay team assists with the decommissioning of the site to return it to the venue owner based upon the venue agreement.

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