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During the initial event overlay process, our team conducts interviews with vital stakeholders, often referred to as Functional Areas. At this point in the Programming phase, space, technology and adjacency requirements are identified. Correctly identifying projected Functional Area staff numbers are critical. An understanding of the credentialing program is important in terms of identifying transport and pedestrian access and egress routes. Operational issues such as check-in, uniforming, briefing, deployment, work spaces, feeding and even break areas are addressed.

Programming resultants:

  • Venue Briefs
  • Design Narratives
  • Overlay installation schedule
  • Budget framework with commodity unit cost projections
  • Sport federation performance guidelines and venue criteria
  • Venue use agreement drafts based on projected schedule

Examples of Functional Areas include: Accreditation, Broadcast (Television), Concessions and Catering, Volunteers/Workforce, Event Management (Spectator Services), Delegations and Officials, Hospitality, IT/Communications, Logistics, Media Management (Press), Medical, Merchandise, VIP/Protocol Services, Security/Safety, Look (DĂ©cor and Signage), Ticketing, Transportation, Venue Operations, Workforce, Ceremonies (Theatre and Production).

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