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Operations Development (Design Development)

In Operations Development, the scope of major construction elements are quantified and evaluated. Tents, trailers and marshalling yards are used to fulfill space requirements. Large scale seating enhancements are scoped. Footprints are reserved for temporary infrastructure, including power, IT and communications, storage and restocking, restrooms, vehicle staging and waste and recycling. Preliminary install schedules are developed, as well as projected cost-analysis. Primary install vendors are best identified during this phase. It is also suggested that local code officials be engaged early in the planning process, given the unique nature of events.

Operations Development resultants:

  • Refinements to Programming and Block Planning resultants
  • Preliminary commodity tendering documents
  • Back of house compound generics developed within unique venue footprint
  • Constituent routes and destinations interconnected
  • Higher level of resolution for transport, security, accreditation
  • Broadcast, Media and event family concerns prioritized
  • Budget, schedule and operational refinements
  • Final venue use agreements

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