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Detailed Planning (Construction Documents)

During Detailed Planning, analogous to Construction Documents, the plan is refined to a greater detail with an emphasis on how the venue will operate. Commodities (temporary fencing, barricade, FF&E, etc.) are quantified. Constituent groups are typically beginning to fill managerial positions at this point, and the documents serve as both a construction tool and manpower planning tool. The emphasis is on Integration: ensuring that all groups seamlessly integrate during the event.

The documents also serve as the basis for the development of the Operations Plan: a detailed document explaining who, what, where, when and why during the course of the event.

Detailed Planning resultants:

  • Refinements to Programming, Block Planning and Operations Development resultants
  • Integration of commodity vendor product placements
  • Contracts for commodity vendors
  • Delivery, installation, operations and removal of temporary commodities final
  • Restoration and decommissioning scope and schedule final
  • Operational plans final

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