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Overlay Master Planning is the event industry recognized term for temporary additions and enhancements to an existing or temporary venue that elevate the level of operations and integration beyond a venue’s normal realm. Simply put, overlay is necessary to address the unique requirements of a large, special event.

Special events will require even the newest legacy venue to operate sometimes radically differently than designed. An increase in the number and intensity of constituent groups will require segregated access points and amenities. Technology and power needs will increase. Security and safety concerns expand.

Overlay Master Planning ranges from conventional single venue operations management design to multi-sport, multi-venue cluster complexities.

WJ events has developed a sustainable and efficient approach to Overlay Master Planning that balances legacy facility history with the needs and goals of the organizing committee.

With our expert development of design narratives and venue performance briefs, WJ events links together the strengths of the legacy facility and the events’ venue operations with the overlay of temporary and portable commodities. In this way, legacy and temporary infrastructure work hand-in-hand to create a truly unique and successful event.

At WJ events, we maintain our impartial third-party professional relationship with temporary overlay commodity vendors. This allows us to deliver an ethical, balanced and cost-effective resultant for all event clients, delivering the best possible Overlay Master Planning design utilizing only the best world class solutions at the best tendered cost and schedule. Our continued work with world-wide trusted temporary overlay commodity vendors is a testament to the success of this commitment.

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