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London Olympic Games

Engaged by Populous and LOCOG as Olympic Overlay Experts, WJ events assists the team of LOCOG Overlay Architects with planning on two-thirds of the off-Park Olympic venues, which comprises 70% of the Olympic competition venues.

Working with our Olympic generic venue performance criteria to integrate the Functional Areas and the scope required for temporary facilities, we balance the LOCOG budget established for overlay phases with International Federation technical specifications for these existing and temporary competition venues.

Ultimately, the integrated functional design process supports the venue operations management effort throughout the design, procurement, permits, installation, games operations and removal/reconfiguration/restoration phases that encompass the life of an Olympic venue.


WJevents was first engaged in November of 2005 by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) to prepare pre-design/planning data in support of the Master Plan effort for the 400+ acre Lower Lea Valley Olympic Park.

As LOCOG’s Olympic Overlay Experts, WJ events developed Design Narratives for the most significant sport and non-competition venues placed in the Olympic Park: International Broadcast Centre (IBC), Main Press Centre (MPC), Main Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre, Indoor Arenas 1 and 2, and the Athlete’s Olympic Villlage.

In support of the Olympic Operations Management, WJ events initiated the Technical Briefs for the above venues as well as the Common Domain for the Olympic Park. Specific attention to detail was provided regarding the Technical Briefs for the back-of-house Compound Generics that support the sport venues in their games time operational mode.

Jeff Harkey, Will Johnson and Craig Penzler at Horse Guards Parade.