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When Bids Become Reality

Presented at the 2011 National Association of Sports Commissions Sports Event Symposium held in Greensboro, North Carolina USA.

“Event committees, by their nature and design, are temporary businesses that are destined to expire after venues are restored and the bills are paid.  Successful business models almost never address failure or the likelihood of its own demise, and certainly do not write their own epitaphs.  But that is precisely one of the unique aspects that the event business model should address.  Recognizing the inherent character of event committees, their personality traits, transition benchmarks and performance criteria will determine if your next event will be a success.” – Will Johnson

Learner Outcomes:

  • Formation of a Bid Committee – asking (and answering) the right questions
  • Event personality strengths and weaknesses – a balance to be gained
  • Identifying the right venue at the right time – for the right reasons

To obtain a copy of the presentation, please contact Will Johnson.

Presentation sponsored by the Arizona Sports Alliance and Gainesville Sports Commission.